Lynch, Ryan & Associates, Inc. is a management consulting firm specializing in workers' compensation cost controls.

The firm helps employers, insurers, third party administrators, brokers, industry associations and governmental bodies to build and implement highly effective workers' compensation programs that reduce costs to an absolute minimum while providing high-quality care for injured workers.

Insurance companies that have implemented Lynch Ryan's cost control systems and tools have realized significant gains in underwriting profit.

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Hartford VT School District Benefits From an Active Injury Management Program

In 1978, when Vermont's Town of Hartford School District hired him straight out of the University of Vermont Teacher Corps to become the Director of Pupil Personnel and Special Education, John OHaus didn't foresee himself ending up as the Assistant Superintendent, responsible for just about everything in the system, including workers' compensation. But that's what happened.

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The Best Health Care in The World

Most Americans know that health care costs, particularly group health care costs, have been rising steadily, year after year, like a child’s helium balloon that gets released into the air. What most Americans do not know is that, if group health is the helium balloon, medical costs in workers’ compensation are the helium balloon on speed, rising at double the rate of group health. Many think that rising costs are the inevitable result of having “the best health care system in the world.” But are we indeed? This essay compares the U.S. health care system with other developed countries in terms of costs and quality. It can be quite eye opener.

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